If you're into the DeFi and Open Finance movement there's no way around the Bankless Podcast. Subscribing to it you'll be kept you to date with all the important developments in the DeFi space.

The also have a YouTube Channel where you can use the "Playlists" feature to filter the content by category such as Tutorials, AMAs or "Weekly Rollups".

Protip: The team at Bankless created "Going Bankless: The Ultimate Guide", a great resources to onboard you into the world of Decentralized Finance. Reading through it you'll learn about all the important concepts and projects used in the DeFi ecosystem. No prior knowledge required. At the end of every section there are links to even more in-depth Blog Posts, Newsletters, Podcasts and YouTube videos you can dive into to learn even more.

  • Ryan Sean Adams
  • , David Hoffman

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