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The CryptoJobList is one of the web's largest aggregator for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain jobs. Make sure to use their predefined categories like "DeFi" or "NFT" in combination with filters to further narrow down your search.

Other than job postings you can also find realtime data and statistics on the Blockchain industry as well as a very useful overview of salaries which will help you benchmark your compensation against others.

Web3 Board

The Web3 Board is a job board which aggregates job postings related to areas in the Web3 space such as DAOs, DeFi, NFTs and the Metaverse. One can filter jobs by tags and their respective roles such as Design, Engineering or Product.

There's also a free Newsletter you can sign up for to get notified when new jobs are added.


The CryptoJobs job aggregator is an easy to browse job search engine which lists job opportunities from various companies working in the Blockchain space.

You can subscribe to their Newsletter to receive weekly updates about the job market straight to your inbox.

Protip: Use the toggle next to the search box to switch from "All jobs" to "Remote" to search specifically for remote jobs.

DeFi Jobs

DeFi Jobs is a job board that aggregates employment opportunities in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. Browsing through it you'll find jobs in Engineering, Design, Marketing, HR and more.

Protip: Follow the official Twitter Account or subscribe to their Newsletter to get notified about new job listings.

Crypto Jobs & Careers

Crypto Jobs & Careers is a job aggregator that lists employment opportunities in various sectors within the Blockchain- and Crypto space. Using it you can find jobs in Engineering, Human Resources, Community Management, Business Development and more.

Protip: Use the advanced search to further narrow down your search results.


Blocktribe is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency job search engine with a constantly updated index of job opportunities in the space.

Make sure to use their "Companies" page to find out what jobs are currently being offered by your company of choice.

Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs is a curated job board for opportunities in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. It offers various filters as well as alerts to help you find the Blockchain job you're looking for.

While browsing, take note of the "Blockchain jobs you might like" section on the right hand side of a job postings detail view which aggregates similar jobs to the one you're currently looking at.

She256 Job Board

The She256 Job Board aims to help women, nonbinary people and underrepresented minorities find job opportunities in the Blockchain space.

All company profiles and job postings are vetted to ensure that they adhere to the promotion of diversity and inclusiveness.

Dragonfly Capital Jobs

The Dragonfly Capital Job Board lets you explore jobs from Dragonfly Capital's portfolio companies.

One can search for jobs via keywords or use filters to narrow down results by company, team size, token / equity compensation, technical focus, location and more.


The PompCryptoJobs job board offers a variety of different Blockchain and Cryptocurrency jobs filterable by keywords and location.

If you scroll to the bottom of the site you'll find more options to aggregate jobs by category, city or state.