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Decentralized Finance

Ethereum DeFi

If you're brand new to DeFi and need a thorough overview of the big ideas and major concepts behind Decentralized Finance you should take some time to read through Ethereum's DeFi page.

While it's written with the Ethereum ecosystem in mind, it teaches you the core principles and topics common to the Open- and Decentralized Finance movement, no matter which Blockchain it's built upon. Also make sure to follow the links which will guide you towards more in-depth articles and blog posts on topics such as Quadratic Funding or Flash Loans.


The team at Finematics does a great job breaking down complex DeFi subject matters into easily digestible formats like blog posts and YouTube videos. It doesn't matter whether you're new to DeFi, trying to navigate the landscape or if you're just looking for a great resource to keep you up to date, the Finematics YouTube Channel got you covered.

DeFi Llama

DeFi Llama is a DeFi Dashboard which aggregates Blockchain- and DeFi Protocol data like TVL (Total Value Locked), Market Cap, Changes in percentage and more.

The leaderboard on the homepage summarizes the current state of DeFi Protocol usage across various Blockchains and Layer 2 Rollups.

Protip: Use the navigation on the left to find data on specific DeFi categories.

DeFi Prime

DeFi Prime is a news portal, discussion forum and content aggregator for all things DeFi and Open Finance. Their "Projects" site and its categories helps you navigate the DeFi ecosystem on chains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Tron.

Also make sure to check out their community forum "Alpha DeFi" to find like minded DeFi users and thoughtful conversations about the latest projects, Yield Farming and more.

DeFi Pulse

DeFi Pulse is the trusted go-to source for DeFi data on project usage and (TVL) Total Value Locked. Their homepage has a leaderboard with the most actively used DeFi protocols spanning various categories and Blockchains.

You might also enjoy browsing through "The DeFi List" which explains and categorizes all the DeFi projects and protocols you need to know about.

DeFi Rate

DeFi Rate is a news portal and educational resource with the goal to demystify and introduce non-technical users to the world of Open- and Decentralized Finance.

Definitely check out their extensive reviews as well as their "This Week in DeFi" Newsletter which is a great way to stay up to date with the growing space.


If you're into the DeFi and Open Finance movement there's no way around the Bankless Podcast. Subscribing to it you'll be kept you to date with all the important developments in the DeFi space.

The also have a YouTube Channel where you can use the "Playlists" feature to filter the content by category such as Tutorials, AMAs or "Weekly Rollups".

Protip: The team at Bankless created "Going Bankless: The Ultimate Guide", a great resources to onboard you into the world of Decentralized Finance. Reading through it you'll learn about all the important concepts and projects used in the DeFi ecosystem. No prior knowledge required. At the end of every section there are links to even more in-depth Blog Posts, Newsletters, Podcasts and YouTube videos you can dive into to learn even more.

The Defiant

The Defiant was one of earliest news outlets focused on Decentralized- and Open Finance. While you should definitely check out their well known Podcast and Newsletter, their YouTube Channel is the hidden gem with carefully crafted videos covering the latest and most important topics in DeFi.

While on their YouTube Channel page definitely check out their "Playlists" where you'll find content such as "DeFi 101", "Quick Takes" or "De-F.I.R.E" (Financial Independence, Retire Early).

Protip: The Defiant also has a very thorough "Definitive Guide to DeFi" which is a great introduction to all the important DeFi concepts and projects. In it you'll find tons of links to resources such as YouTube videos, Blog posts, Newsletters and Podcasts you might want to study further.

Modern Finance

Modern Finance by Kevin Rose is a Podcast which covers all things Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Yield Farming, NFTs and more. Every episode Kevin interviews Blockchain and Crypto entrepreneurs to learn more about their projects and the space they operate in. The special "MoFi Consensus" episodes keep you in the loop about the recent developments in the DeFi ecosystem.

Protip: You can also subscribe to the Modern Finance Newsletter to get the latest news straight to your inbox.

Let's do DeFi

The goal of the Let's do DeFi effort is to provide DeFi education "your grandma can follow".

Browsing through the homepage you'll find DeFi tutorials, DeFi Protocol guides, a DeFi dApp wiki, links to useful DeFi resources and more.

Protip: Make sure to follow the "Monthly Monkey News" which is a monthly summary about the latest trends in all-things DeFi.

Fast DeFi Tutorial

The "Fastest DeFi Tutorial on Earth" is a collection of links, resources and tutorials to learn everything important there is to know about DeFi and its concepts.

Working through it you'll start with the basics like setting up a wallet to transition into mini tutorials which will teach you how to earn interest, swap tokens, the implications of impermanent loss and more.

Decentralized Finance MOOC

The Decentralized Finance MOOC is an online course that teaches you everything you need to know about DeFi from an economics as well as computer science point of view. The curriculum includes topics such as Blockchain technology, Stablecoins, Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), Lending & Borrowing, Oracles, Privacy and more.

Protip: Ensure that you take the quizzes and attend the labs to get the most out of this course.

Introduction to DeFi

The Introduction to DeFi video by Corbin Page from ConsenSys covers everything you need to know to get started in the world of Decentralized Finance.

Watching the ~1 hour long video you'll learn about the history of DeFi, key projects, core primitives, caveats as well as advanced topics such as Flash Loans, Yield Farming strategies and more.

DeFi Weekly by Kerman Kohli

If you're looking for a resource which breaks the complexities of DeFi down into easy to understand and digest pieces you're in for a treat subscribing to Kerman Kohli's Newsletter "DeFi Weekly".

For folks looking for videos, there's also his YouTube Channel. In his videos, Kerman sits down with his iPad to decompose and explain the most complex DeFi protocols out there. Starting with a blank page he'll walk you through the protocol designs, tokenomics and usage of products like Maker DAO, Compound and Synthetix.

Zapper Learn

The team at created a collection of educational DeFi learning resources to help onboard the next wave of DeFi users.

Browsing through them you'll learn DeFi basics, work through tutorials and get exposed to various "Alpha Leaks" which will show you how you can increase your APY (alongside associated risks).

Justin Bram

Justin Bram's YouTube Channel is a great way to stay on top of the latest developments in the DeFi ecosystem. Browsing through the videos you'll find in-depth DeFi Protocol reviews, interviews with builders in the space, DeFi news and more.

Protip: There's also the DeFi Innovation Discord you can join to get access to a vibrant community of DeFi enthusiast.

DeFi Dad

Watching DeFi Dad's videos on his YouTube Channel gives you the opportunity to peek over ones shoulder to see how DeFi products and protocols are used by end users. His Tutorial-style videos cover a wide range of topics with a focus on the Ethereum ecosystem.

DeFi Safety

Interacting with various DeFi projects and protocols comes with some risks as "you are your own bank" and therefore solely responsible for the actions you take. While major DeFi projects are usually audited by expert firms like OpenZeppelin, others lack basic security checks and might expose you to severe Smart Contract bugs and common DeFi risks.

The DeFi Safety project was started to address such issues. Visiting the project's page you'll get access to a variety of project reviews which are split up into sections such as "Code and Team", "Documentation" or "Testing" and result in an overall score from 0 - 100%.

Protip: You can also request reviews if a project you're interested in is missing in their list. Simply click on the "Request Reviews" link in the top navigation.

DeFi Yield Databases

The team at DeFi Yield maintains two separate databases focused on audits and hacks.

Both database explorers allow you to search for projects and filter down results by chains, auditors, types, etc.

DeFi Score

The DeFi Score project by ConsenSys is a an effort to establish a consistently comparable value for measuring platform risk. The score is calculated based on the existence of Bug Bounty Programs, Audits as well as a project's Time-, Centralization-, Utilization- and Liquidity Index.

You can use their webapp to browse through various DeFi assets, protocols and platforms.


The RugDoc project's goal is to catalog and assess DeFi protocols and Yield Farming opportunities for their potential risks. Their interface makes is easy to filter by Blockchain Network, Audits and overall risk.

There's also a Farms Calendar one can use to find out when new Farms will launch.

How to Become a DeFi Developer

This long-form blog post by Kerman Kohli is a step-by-step guide that shows you what concepts you need to learn to become a proficient DeFi developer.

Reading through it you'll learn about 4 different bodies of knowledge you should know about to build your own DeFi apps on platforms such as Ethereum. The blog post is written with beginners in mind, so there's no prior knowledge necessary to get started.

Money Legos

If you're a Blockchain developer looking for a way to leverage the DeFi ecosystem and build upon existing protocols you should definitely check out the Money Legos project by the StudyDefi team.

The Money Legos project consolidates Smart Contracts, ABIs and SDKs / APIs from various DeFi projects such as Compound, Aave or Maker into one re-usable dependency you can add to your dApp project.

Even if you're not yet planning to integrate DeFi functionality into one of your dApps you should definitely look into their documentation which will walk you through the inner-workings of concepts such as Flash Loans.

DeFi Open Source Tools

The DeFi Open Source Tools project provides a tool suite written in Python which lets you calculate impermanent loss, evaluate staking- and farming strategies as well as query crypto APIs like CoinGecko for historical data.