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Yos Riady's Blog

Browsing through Yos Blog you'll find very useful in-depth articles about Ethereum and Smart Contract development with Solidity. Topics covered are Smart Contract testing and development best practices, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with its underlying algorithms and economics as well as Web 3 in general.

Week in Ethereum News

The Week in Ethereum News Newsletter is one of the oldest and most established Ethereum Newsletters out there. Once subscribed, you'll get a weekly digest with curated content about all the important topics and discussions happening in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Blockchain technology enthusiasts will definitely enjoy the summaries of the core dev calls whereas dApp and Smart Contract developers find hidden gems in the "Stuff for developers" section.

Smart Contract Programmer

The Smart Contract Programmer YouTube Channel is a hands-on resource that teaches you everything you need to know to become a proficient Smart Contract developer.

Topics covered are Solidity- and Vyper basics, Smart Contract security and hacks, dApp development, engineering best practices and Smart Contract composability (via DeFi protocol integrations).

Dapp University

The DappUniversity YouTube Channel is a great place to find useful video tutorials for full-stack dApp development on Ethereum. Simply click on the "Playlists" tab to find curated lists with videos on topics such Solidity, Web3.js, Ethereum + React and more.

Protip: When sorting the videos by duration you'll find a bunch of long-form videos (some of which are ~8 hours long!) which will walk you through the whole dApp development life cycle end-to-end. Also keep an eye on the video descriptions which usually include links to the project's GitHub repository.


The EatTheBlocks YouTube Channel is another great resource to learn Smart Contract and dApp development on the Ethereum Blockchain. The channel is very developer-focused and covers a wide range of topics such as Solidity, Web3.js, OpenZeppelin, Money Legos (DeFi), UI / UX and more. Clicking on the "Playlists" tab will show you curated lists of videos from such topics.

Protip: The eattheblocks GitHub repository is the central place where all the channels code is published and released. In it you'll find projects for topics such as Flash Loans, ERC-20 Tokens, DEXes and more.

Soliditydeveloper's Blog

While reading through the Soliditydeveloper Blog you'll not only learn about Smart Contract and dApp development on Ethereum but also about the inner workings of projects like Tornado Cash, SushiSwap or the Set Protocol.

The Blog is actively maintained with new content being published regularly.