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Token Economics

Token Engineering Community

The Token Engineering Community is the place where practitioners and academia gather to share, collect and discuss the most recent findings in Token Engineering and Tokenomics.

Definitely check out their library for a curated list of useful Token Engineering resources. In addition to that you don't want to miss their YouTube Channel which is a treasure trove for anyone interested in in-depth protocol analyses and tutorials.

Ocean Protocol - Token Engineering Series

The team at Ocean Protocol put together an educational three part blog post series in which they walk the reader through all the stages involved in Token Engineering.

The series covers topics such as game theory, the incentive design behind Bitcoin, the process they've used to design the Tokenomics for Ocean protocol as well as various case studies and other deep dives.

Yos Riady's Cryptoeconomics Articles

Yos Riady has published a number of in-depth blog posts on a variety of Token Economics related topics such as Bonding Curves, the Howey Test, Token Utility Models and more.

Sam Williams: Mechanism Design 101

Sam Williams, the co-founder of Arweave held a lecture on incentive design in the context of the a16z Crypto Startup School.

In his presentation, Sam deconstructs the underlying game theoretic constructs of Bitcoin and talks about Arweave's Tokenomics and the design decisions they had to take into account while implementing their protocol.

A Crash Course in Mechanism Design for Cryptoeconomic Applications

This long-form article by BlockChannel is a great introduction into the world of Mechanism Design and Game Theory. It teaches the avid reader about different concepts and ideas on how to design an incentivized system around a token economy.

The discussed theories are applied by analyzing Namecoin and the challenges of the Ethereum Foundation to better understand the big ideas and further solidify the learnings.

Token Economics Resources List

The Token Economics Resources List is a massive Google Document with tons of useful links to dive deeper into the ins- and outs of Token Economics and Incentive Engineering.

It's content is updated regularly and various filters help you find the best content for your current needs.

Protip: While obvious to spreadsheet power users, don't miss the tabs for the different sheets at the bottom!

CoinFund - Cryptoeconomics is Hard Series

The folks at CoinFunc wrote a 3 part series on Cryptoeconomics which teaches the reader everything there is to know about the economics behind Blockchain-based systems.

Reading through it you'll learn about cryptoasset valuations, the pricing principles of cryptocurrencies and the Tokenomics of Blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The Token Handbook

The Token Handbook is a long-form essay which introduces the reader to various aspects of Token Engineering and Token Economics. Once read you should have a solid understanding of the concept of money, different token forms, the utility of tokens and how they're used in Blockchains today.

The author also published a 1 hour long video which presents the blog post content in a format more applicable to visual learners.


Cryptoeconomics.Study is a free, Open Source course which teaches you the fundamentals of Blockchain protocols and their underlying Token Economics.

Working through it you'll not only learn how Blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum work, you'll also get introduced to the game theoretic aspects which will help you understand why consensus mechanisms such as Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) can be used to secure the network.

Economics Design and Engineering for Robust DLT Ecosystems

If you're looking for a Token Economics design framework, you don't want to miss the "Economics Design and Engineering for Robust DLT Ecosystems" white paper authored by Lisa JY Tan.

Reading through it you'll learn about the "Token Economics Model" you can use to design the incentives and mechanisms for your Crypto project.

Economics Design

Economics Design is a great resource to learn more about Tokenomics and Token Engineering. Browsing through their YouTube Channel you'll find in-depth analysis of existing Crypto projects, Explainers for concepts like "Bonding Curves" and the Mathematics behind Token Economics.