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Developer Communities

CryptoDevHub Discord

Shameless plug: We have our very own CryptoDevHub Discord server! Join us to discuss everything related to Blockchains, DLT, sharding, consensus algorithms and more.

You'll also find channels to get dev support, showcase your project or find fellows to team up for Hackathons and startups.

CryptoTechnology Subreddit

The /r/CryptoTechnology subreddit is a great place for serious discussions about Blockchain- and Crypto technologies. It's actively moderated and discourages shameless self-promotion and shilling. Reading through it you'll learn about the most recent developments in the Blockchain and DLT space.

CryptoDevs Discord

The CryptoDevs Discord server was created by the /r/CryptoTechnology community to discuss and chat about recent developments in a more real time environment. It's a great place to find fellow developers passionate about Web 3, Solidity and Crypto tech in general.